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Are you going gray & have problems matching your hair color with hair dyes?
Are you starting to look older than you really feel?
You are lucky, as we can solve your issue in just a couple days.
Get FGH & restore the original color of your hair in just a couple of days.

How it works  

With over 10,000+ satisfied customers in more than 40 countries, FGH has built a reputation of the only product capable of safely restoring its customers original hair color

FGH has already helped thousands of customers just like you regain a younger look by restoring their original hair color.
Getting your original hair or beard color is just a click away.
Discover this unique enzymatic formula of FGH today.

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Uniqueness in every drop
How can FGH restore your hair color?

Over the years we have developed FGH through a unique enzymatic formula in the form of a transparent liquid. FGH combines only the most potent substances necessary to restore the pigment in your hair. 



Oxygen contained in regular water can lower the effect of other enzymatic substances in FGH. To ensure the highest effectiveness of our product, we have incorporated a deoxidized crystal-clear water.


Is one of the most important active substances in FGH and that is why we personally produce it in our own laboratories. G-Reductase removes oxygen from melanin, enabling it to deliver the original color (pigment) to your hair.


In cooperation with Deoxidized water and G-Reductase, Silver Acetate takes care of the removed molecules of oxygen, ensuring that FGH will have an effect on any hair type.


We know that your hair can face  adverse effects from the sun, wind and air pollution, with added Glycerin, natural hydration is restored helping your hair stay firm and hydrated. 

Transparent liquid

30 Days Money Back guarantee


Fast shipping

All hair type compatible

Not Tested on animals

Paraben free

Sulphite free

Stop and revert your hair graying process!

Be like thousands of our satisfied customers and change your gray hair color 
to your original color in a few days with our special enzymatic molecular formula.

Robert K.

2 weeks

4 months
3 days
2 weeks

It has never been easier!

Applying of FGH takes just 5 minutes and you can choose one of 3 application options
You can´t make mistake if you will follow our simple rules of application.

Simple Rules

Bottle nozzle
Cotton Pad
  1. Use FGH just on places where you have gray hair.
  2. Apply a maximum of 2 drops of FGH on one small place and that you repeate this product on the whole head / beard. You can´t speed up the process in any way. On the contrary, you may experience reddening.
  3. Do not wash your hair after using FGH, we recommend to dry them after each application.
  4. Do not use FGH on hair colored with dyes containing any copper derivates.
  5. Protect your clothes, hands and surfaces around you from contact with FGH as a deoxidation reaction can damage them 

Please read the package leaflet before using FGH!

So easy, right?
See how it works

What makes FGH the best solution to gray hair?

FGH Similar product Hair Dye
Restore original colour
Gradual transition
No Grey roots
No harmful chemicals or substances
Long lasting package
Easy-to-use and apply

Other advantages of FGH

Safety first

FGH does not contain any harmful chemicals or substances. We use only high-quality ingredients that do not hurt your skin or your body.

Science-based solution

FGH is a transparent liquid (not a hair dye) that we have been developing in our European laboratories since the 1990s.

Not tested on animals

We are strictly against animal testing. You can be 100% sure that FGH has not been tested on animals.

Change occurs in a few days

You will notice the first results of restoration after just 7 days of correct application and complete restoration in 14 to 21 days.

Gradual process

Your hair will change to its original color gradually so nobody will notice that you are using any product For Grey Hair.

Easy to use

Using FGH is straightforward and is easily applied in the comfort of your own home, all it takes is just 5 minutes.

All hair type compatible

FGH is effective on any hair type, length, and color. This advanced and innovative hair serum restores your hair completely to its original hair with its unique enzymatic ingredients.

Long-lasting bottle

A single bottle of FGH will last you more than a month. Compare it to the costs of regular coloring of your gray hair in a salon.

No graying roots

Because you will restore your original hair color from the inside out, you will not experience graying roots as long as you use FGH.

Developed & manufactured in the EU

FGH was developed and is produced on our own laboratories in the heart of the EU, with the highest quality standards. Combining all these advantages into the one product makes FGH the most effective, innovative and easy-to-use product for gray hair on the market.

30 days money back guarantee

We have thousands of happy & thankful customers all around the world, enjoying their original hair color. That is why we know you will be happy too. We are so sure, that we have decided to provide you with a 30 day money back guarantee. This way you can purchase FGH with absolute confidence. Simply return your first empty bottle of our product and any additional unopened bottles of FGH within 37 days of receiving the order and we promise you to refund the entire purchase price, excluding shipping charges.

Choose your FGH package now

for men for women for beard
$ 60.99
$ 54.95
Enough for 1 month of application
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$ 60.99
$ 54.95
Enough for 1 month of application
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$ 60.99
$ 54.95
Enough for 1 month of application
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FGH has been certified in Europe

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I will stop using FGH?

Your hair will turn gray within approximately two months after you stop applying our product. This is because FGH restores the natural hair deoxidation process which your body used to do but no longer does on its own.

How long will it take me to see the best results?

There are several crucial factors that may affect the speed at which you will regain your original hair color. The first and foremost factor is a correct application.
Just keep in mind that thicker & darker hair may take longer to achieve desired results than thinner & lighter hair.

After using FGH, my hair went a slight shade of red, what should I do?

Any red shade is a result of applying too much of the FGH solution. You do not need to do anything as it will wear off on its own within a few days. Please re-read the instruction manual, which we added to your package of FGH. There is information that says you should use only a small amount of FGH each time. Please continue to use only small amounts of FGH.

What is the correct way to apply FGH?

The FGH bottle has a duckbill spray nozzle, which helps you to apply only small amounts of the FGH directly onto your scalp (to the hair roots). If you can not see any changes after the first 3 applications made every second day, please use FGH every day. Once your hair achieves its original color, we recommend reducing your use of FGH to once or twice per week.

Is there any chance that when using FGH, I will end up with a hair color that was not my original?

There is no chance of this happening. With the correct application of FGH, you can only reach your natural hair color.

Get rid of your gray hair & restore your original youthful color with FGH.

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