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Money Back Guarantee

We have thousands of happy & thankful customers all around the world, enjoying their original hair colour.
That is why we know you will be happy too.
We are so sure, that we have decided to provide you with a 30 day money back guarantee.
This way you can purchase FGH with absolute confidence.
Simply return your first empty bottle of our product and any additional unopened bottles of FGH within 37 days of receiving the order and we promise you to refund the entire purchase price, excluding shipping charges.


Frequently asked questions

What is the correct way to apply FGH?

The FGH bottle has a duckbill spray nozzle, which helps you to apply only small amounts of the FGH directly onto your scalp (to the hair roots). If you can not see any changes after the first 3 applications made every second day, please use FGH every day. Once your hair achieves its original color, we recommend reducing your use of FGH to once or twice per week.

After using FGH, my hair went a slight shade of red, what should I do?

Any red shade is a result of applying too much of the FGH solution. You do not need to do anything as it will wear off on its own within a few days. Please re-read the instruction manual, which we added to your package of FGH. There is information that says you should use only a small amount of FGH each time. Please continue to use only small amounts of FGH.

Is there any chance that when using FGH, I will end up with a hair color that was not my original?

There is no chance of this happening. With the correct application of FGH, you can only reach your natural hair color.

I applied FGH to my hair yesterday. Today, some spots on my nails are changing color. Why is that?

The FGH works by removing the oxygen out of various bodily tissues, including collagen and keratin proteins. These are present in your nails and nail beds, so when these come into contact with FGH, the deoxidation process can cause a change of color of your nails. That is why we highly recommend washing your hands and nails. Also, remove any trace of FGH from your sanitary ware, furniture or anywhere else, where you may have accidentally gotten FGH. If you wash any affected areas immediately (you may only need warm water), then it should come out. If you spot stains after a few hours or days, it is much harder to get rid of them, but in most cases, bleach will help. Unfortunately, once you drop FGH on your clothes, you will not be able to wash it off. Therefore we recommend you to fully cover your clothes while using FGH or don't wear any at all!

I want to use FGH, but I am albino my whole life. What color of hair will I get?

If you are albino, you can use our product with no fear. Albinism is a genetic state in which the cells that usually produce the catalase enzyme do not contain the gene that regulates this production, which is why your hair does not have any color. Our product contains an enzyme which will help your hair have a color for the first time! It will become the same color your mother or father has.

What will happen if I stop using FGH?

Your hair will turn grey within approximately two months after you stop applying our product. This is because FGH restores the natural hair deoxidation process which your body used to do but no longer does on its own.

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